Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two Exalted Characters of the Past

I played two different Eclipse Caste characters in a short lived Exalted Second Edition chronicle two years ago named A Cruel Twist of Fate.

My room mate and best friend at the time Haydel was running it, and it was, well a difficult time for me. It became so frustrating for me at one point I had to switch characters, from Mae Lin to Autumn Fox. However, the character's themselves I am incredibly proud of and I hope to one day perhaps update and resurrect them for an Exalted Third Edition chronicle:

Mae Lin Suruki 

Imperial Merchant of Aruf


Mae Lin was born and raised in the Arjuf Prefecture. She is the second child, and first daughter of Suruki Family, a Patrician Household of wealthy merchants in service to House Ledall. The Suruki oversee the spice and silk trade from the Southern Satrapies.

Mae Lin was raised and educated to be a bureaucracy and manage the books for the Family, and her prospective husband’s family. She proved to be quiet a talented bookkeeper and negotiator, winning her family much profit and acclaim before age sixteen. At age seventeen, Mae Lin was sent with her Uncle Xhao to aid in negotiating a trade agreement for rare spices with a Guild Merchant Prince in Chicaroscuro. A rare honor indeed. Shortly before her departure, her mother whispered to her that a possible arranged marriage to an outcaste Dragonblooded bastard son of a local Ledaal Lord was being arranged by her father. Mae Lin was shocked at the prospect, and the news weighed heavy on her mind as she traveled across the Southern Sea.

When they arrived at the Chicaroscuro, her uncle took ill due to sea sickness. Mea Lin had no choice but to continue the negotiations alone. At the negotiating table, she discovered several inconsistanies in the contracts that would result in her Family, and House Ledaal, being cheated out a large chunk of the profits. Not willing to see her prospects at a good marriage endangered, nor bring shame upon the honor of her family, she very tactfully and directly pointed out the flaws.

The response was not what she expected. The Guild merchant prince informed her that he would only provide the antidote to poison she just ingested in her tea if she signed the contract. Infuriated and determined not let this Guild scum make a fool of her, she ordered her guards to cut the merchant prince down. Unfortunately he had guards as well. As the hired swords clashed with her guards, Mea Lin slowly began to feel the poison over come her, and then she was filled with the warmth of the Sun.

In this moment she took her Second Breath, and felt the voice and presence of the Unconquered Sun. He sent her a vision of a world filled with peace, but that it could only be gained if the wicked were either slain or shown the error of their ways.

The site of the Exaltation of an Anathema frightened the sell swords and the merchant prince into surrender. Mea Lin then used her new found gifts to bind them into a fair contract with the Suruki Family and House Ledaal. Then she bound them all into an oath of secrecy not to reveal her Anathema nature to anyone living or dead. With her trusted guardsman in tow she quickly made arrangements to flee the city before The Wyld Hunt was called. With aid of a mysterious woman named Silk Song, she was able to escape the city undetected. After a few days travel with Silk Song, Mea Lin found her private manse from the First Age. The combination of First Age memories and prophetic guidance from Silk Song lead her to its location. It was outside her Manse she met Crescent Fang, her Lunar mate, the man who would prove to her closest friend and ally.

Now Mea Lin hides, she has written a few clever lies to her Uncle, and avoids her Family at all costs. While her solar exalted nature is a secret for now. It is only a matter of time before the wrong person finds out, and Mea Lin plans on being in a position of power long before that hour presents itself. There will be peace once again between The Realm and the Solar Exalted, she has seen it the past and dreams of it for the future.

Mae Lin is beautiful woman in the full blossom of her youth. She has long brown hair that is kept immaculately combed. She has a smooth peaches and cream complexion to her skin, and deep brown eyes with irises reflect a jubilant red in the sunlight. She has a slight build, but moves with the effortless grace of a dancer. She is always seen wearing the finest of silk garments, with a beautiful silk painted courtier's fan in her hand, or a parasol if she is in the sun.


The Realm (Respect)
Immaculate Order (Pity)
Trade (Joy)
Family (Love)
Sol Invictis (Reverence)
Silk Song (Trust)
Crescent Fang (Affection)
The Guild (Distrust)

Autumn Fox
Charismatic Army Quartermaster


Autumn Fox, or Aki Fokku as is his proper name in Old Realm, was born and raised in Port Calin. His was the eldest son of a wealthy merchant family. When he came of age, he saw a means to elevate his family's status through military service.

At the age of 18 he enlisted into the Calinti Military. His shrewd instincts, and training in commerce garnered him a position among the Quartermaster rather quickly. While he did display a natural talent for tactics and sword play, his superiors felt he shined the most when coordinating munitions, and navigating bureaucracies.

After five years of loyal service, he was assigned to serve in a Talon lead by one of the prestigious Calinti Dragonblooded, Suran. This brought much honor that brought much pride and esteem to his family.

One day his Talon was called out to investigate a series of disappearances from the border provinces of the Shogunate. It was at this time that Suran discovered the missing citizens were being kidnapped and their souls devoured by Fair Folk. Shortly thereafter a horde of hobgoblins lead by a powerful Fair Folk ambushed the Talon. They swarmed out of a Wyld Pocket that was just beyond the borders of the Shogunate. The Rakshan was a nightmarish terror. It swiftly and cruely killed Suran, and all his commanding officers one by one, as the hobgoblins harried and slaughtered the troops. Autumn Fox himself was then battle field promoted to Commander, and steeled himself. He rallied the soldiers and struck back against the Hobgoblins.

It was then he drew the Second Breath in a glorious blaze of golden light. Visions of his past life in the First Age came flooding in in vivid detail. He recalled the Ancient Oaths sworn by the Fair Folk to the Eclipse Caste and immediately began to fight his way through to the Fair Folk leader.

When he arrived he boldly demanded to know why the Fair Folk was in violation of the Ancient Pacts laid forth by The Princes of the Earth, his Caste Mark blazing upon his forehead with the radiance of the noon day sun. He forced the Fair Folk into a Parlay, ended the conflict, and sent the Fair Folk packing back to its Wyld Pocket. He single-handedly saved the lives his men.

Shortly thereafter, he was put on indefinite leave, equal parts because of the horror he survived, and the danger of his Anathema status. The Calinti military agreed to keep his secret, and in exchange he remained on leave. Five of his most trusted friends in the Talon joined him as well. They then set out to find adventure out in the vast world of Creation.

He was soon joined by the mysterious Lunar Exalted Yuan. With home he shared an intimate connection from the First Age. Yuan has taken him under his wing and tutored him on the lost lore of The First Age. He has also won the friendship and trust of the Oath Sworn Brotherhood, White Jade Bonsai. However, that is a tale for another time...


Soliders (Respect)
Justice (Resolute)
Yuan (Affection)
Mortals (Protective)
Beauty (Desire)
Fair Folk (Distrust)
White Jade Bonsai (Friendship)
Build A Just Society