Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Musings and the coming of Change.

I am two weeks into College and so far it has been an emotional roller coaster. I am studying Art History 120, 2D Desgin, Sociology, and English. So far my Art classes have proven the most stressful. But I'm going to keep pushing ahead, studying, doing homework

 Lots of big changes are coming my way in life. So I am purging, cutting and organzing in preparation for the next phase of my life. I rampaged through my bookmarks on Chrome and flitered out all the unneeded links. I have updated my calender so everythuing is taken into account, specifically work, school, and meetings. It is going to be productive and emotional comming of Autumn. Before I begin my 34th year of life everything is going to change, again. I just need to do my best to ensure it is a good change.

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