Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tyoshi, Small God of the Joyous Blossom

My Twilight Caste Exalted Character Mayuri has a Retainer who is the small god of her Artisan House. Below are the stats for the Small god I created. It was really fun putting this together. I built him using various NPC spirits from the Exalted Corebook to build something fun, yet balanced.

Essence: 2; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: 4 dice
Personal Motes: 70
Health Levels: -0/-1x3/-2x3/-4/Incap.
Actions: Disguise: 7 dice; Senses: 6 dice; Read Intentions: 7 dice; Performance Art: 10 dice; Social
Influence: 5 dice; Stealth: 7 dice; Weave Fabric: 11 dice; Writing: 7 dice
Appearance 5, Resolve 3, Guile 4

Attack (Silver Pin): 7 dice (Damage 8 and dream poison when decisive, damage 3i/round, duration 3
round, -3 penalty, falls asleep when crashed)
Combat Movement: 7 dice
Evasion: 4, Parry: 3
Soak/Hardness: 5/0 (Unarmored)


Shimmering Crystal Beauty: Anyone who looks upon the god is treated as having a Minor Tie of wonder towards it for purposes of social influence rolls.

Expressive Demeanor: Tyoshi takes no penalties for communicating via body language, and can
communicate even complex messages or carry out conversations with nothing more than their
extraordinarily expressive faces and posture.

Offensive Charms

Principle of Motion (10m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): Tyoshi moves with blinding speed, taking a flurry without the usual restrictions—it can flurry two of the same action if desired, and it ignores the usual penalties to dice pools and Defense.

Defensive Charms

Kaleidoscopic Dodge (5m, 3i; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): For a moment, Tyoshi seems to disintegrate into rainbow brilliance, as though it were refracted through a prism, adding +2 Evasion against an attack. A successful dodge allows Tyoshi to reflexively move one range band in any direction, if it wishes.

Jeweled Heart Allure (6m; Reflexive; One scene; Essence 2): Tyoshi radiates beauty that dumbfounds even battle-hardened warriors, forcing characters to pay a point of Willpower before they can attack it in a scene unless they have an Intimacy that represents ruthlessness, pitilessness, or a desperate reason to fight it that is greater than the Minor Tie created by Shimmering Crystal Beauty.

Social Charms

Artistic Shapechange (8m; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 1): Once Tyoshi has read a character’s intentions to determine their ideal of artistic beauty, it may use this Charm to sculpt its body into that form. Its divine nature remains recognizable, but it may alter gender, height, build, facial features, and similar aesthetic traits. While this Charm is active, it adds +2 Appearance when making social influence rolls to inspire the character whose preferences it has tailored itself to, or that play on Intimacies of awe or desire towards itself. This can raise the small god’s Appearance above 5, but is not compatible with other Appearance-enhancing effects.

Miscellaneous Charms

Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The god fades away and vanishes on its next turn, drawn instantly to either the Joyous Blossom or to Mayuri’s side.

Materialize (35m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The god weaves itself a physical form out of colorful threads of silk, which weave into a body.

Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The god can measure the nature of any that comes to the Joyous Blossom seeking to patronize its artisans.

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