Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comic Con Part III

So I returned on Sunday for my final day of Comic Con! For about an hour or so I wandered around the Exhibit hall catching up with Artists I liked and handing out fliers for Anime Conji. I made sure to hit up the folks at Girl Genius and talk to the creator of Questionable Content. Both Web comics I would very much like to come to Anime Conji.

I caught up with Savannah, Austin, and Joey and we wandered around and shopped a bit. We decided we wanted to check out the Derrick Comedy panel and headed to Ballroom 20 about a an hour early. Strangely the line was non-existent and we ended up catching the tail end of the American Dad panel completely by happenstance. The entire cast was there including Seth McFarland! Afterward we watched a panel for a very funny independent film called Paper Heart. It was about a girl who does believe in love being the interviewer in a documentary about love. Along the way she meets actor Micheal Cera (played by Micheal Cera) and they start to fall in love over the course of the documentary.

The Derrick Comedy guys came on next and were promoting their new film The Mystery Team. They showed us an exclusive made for Comic Con short involving The Mystery Team characters. Just imagine if Encyclopedia Brown and the Hardy Boys were in high school and still acted like 10 year olds. Yeah it is quiet outrageous. Donald Glover spent the entire panel acting like a maniac. He was dressed in jean cutoffs, a sleeveless shirt, a fake blond mustache and a confederate flag bandanna. Apparently, according to the rest of the panel, he hit his head a bit too hard during the short they filmed for comic con when he got slapped in the face with a pillow and slammed the back of his head against the head board of a bed. Thus making him act completely out of sorts. I think I might have flattered them a bit when I claimed they were as funny as Kids in the Hall during my question. I asked them if Kids in the Hall were one of their inspirations. DC Pierson answered with “Well they aren't a direct inspiration per se. However if you mean inspiration in the sense we follow after all the weird things that randomly pop into our head as oppose to whatever is going on that is popular than yeah. I mean just because there is something crazy going on Lost doesn't mean we jump to a do a Lost sketch, we do whatever we think is funny. In that sense then yes we are inspired by them.” I thought it was a pretty good answer.

After the outrageousness of the Derrick Comedy we were treated to the panel on the new 1950's style film Alien Trespass, starring Eric McCormick of Will And Grace fame. This panel was a delight and a surprise as I was not expecting to see Eric McCormick at Comic Con at all, if not ever. While not quiet as outrageous as the previous two panels this one showed us a bunch of beautiful and funny clips of the film, just enough to get us wanting more. The interesting part about this movie is that while previous films in this vein such as Mars Attacks and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra break the fourth wall at time and kinda wink at the audience, Alien Trespass is played completely straight as if this were an actually film of the period.

After this panel there was a short break, Savannah and Joey went to go get lunch and Austin and myself stayed for the BBC America panel. First up was Being Human, a show about a Vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost sharing a flat in bristol. Unlike most supernatural shows, Being Human is a character drama about three people struggling with their “otherness” and trying to be normal in a world that fears and misunderstands them. I am in love with this show, as I have already watched the entire first season thanks to the blog Heroes and Hunks. The entire cast was there and the creator and it was difficult to contain my excitement. They showed a few good clips from season one and the audience seemed very receptive. I once again braved the question line. I said “I love this show and I have watched the entire first season, I'm American so please don't asked how I pulled that off,” The hall and the panel burst into laughter and then I moved on to the actual question, “In Season two, will the show continue to be an in depth character drama or will it become more action oriented like the last episode of Season one?”

His response was that Season 2 two will continue in a dramatic fashion however it will incorporate more horror, suspense, and comedy. He told me as he had just finished writing the scripts for Season 2, that they will be plenty for me to enjoy in the coming season.

Second up was the Torchwood panel. They showed us the trailer of Children of the Earth and I was astounded.

John Barrowman was handsome, funny, and vivacious throughout the entire panel. He totally made the experience for me, he kept calling the moderator “hot” and one of the writers “hot” as well. Every other statement was a double entendre That man is such a scream!

After the wonderful BBC America panel. We awaited the closing of con sing along of “Once More With Feeling” aka The Buffy Musical. Savannah and Joey came back with a rather flirtations friend of theirs named Cameron. Once More with Feeling Buttons, finger puppet monsters and Sunnydale Parking tickets were pasted out to everyone. The episode was played out on the big screen with subtitles and virtually everyone sang along. There was a lot of Dawn hate throughout the episode, each time she opened her mouth people shouted “shut up Dawn!” I even got in on it after awhile. It was an awesome ending to a wonderful Convention experience.

Outside I caught up with Peter and passed out some fliers for Anime Conji to a bunch of Cosplayers and then headed home to unwind.

That was my Comic Con 2009 experience. It was a blast and a half and I'm glad I was able to share it with all of you. Just another fantastical room in the House of Dreams.

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