Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2008 Part I

I had the opportunity to attend San Diego Comic Con as both a fan and to promote Anime Conji. I attended a few panels, made a bunch of new friends, saw some amazing costumes, and overall had a blast. Since there was so much that happened over the weekend, I am going to break it down my activities day by day.

Thursday: My friend Peter Sevensson came into town and in exchange for crashing at my house he offered his vehicle for us to transport to the Convention Center. He was kind enough to drop me off in front of the Convention center while he went on the journey for inexpensive parking. I had to wait in the extremely long Thursday Morning badge pickup line. The line for badge pick up is always long on Thursday morning as it is the first official day on the Convention. In line I meet Savannah and Austin, two avid comic book and Anime fans. Savannah had an awesome Dawn costume and Austin a Green Lantern fan outfit. We, along with their friends Yoko and Calvin hung out all day. After we got our passes, we hit the Small Press area first once we got to the Exhibition floor. I wanted to meet all my favorite web comic artists and get a chance to invite them to Anime Conji. I meet Randy Milholland from Something Positive, Chris Dailey from Punch and Pie and Strip Tease, Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, and last but not least Sohmer and the crew from Looking For Group and Least I Could Do. It was so awesome to meet them all, invite them to Anime Conji, and shake their hands. Randy drew me a “Space Dog” upon request he sketched something based on a Tori Amos song.

After leaving the Small Press section, we wandered around the Exhibition floor for awhile and then checked out the Dante's Inferno Panel. We saw some amazing artwork and discovered not only is it a video game but a comic book and animated feature are in development for the property as well. Afterwards we did some more wandering around and I pitched Conji to Viz Media and a few other artists. We took a break for lunch since it we deemed the line for the Robot Chicken panel was far too long. Then I dragged them to Hall H to check out the Imaginarium of Dr Parnasuss panel. I got to see Terry Gilliam which was amazing. He was funny and the new film looks beautiful, surreal, and exciting. Mr Gilliam also revealed that his next project will be the defunct Don Quixote. He said the rights have been reacquired and the scripted polished. I am extremely excited about that. If you interested in the story about Terry Gilliam and the Don Quixote I suggest watching the documentary Lost in La Mancha. Its a very good film.

After the panel we wandered around and enjoyed the floor some more. I meet up with my friend Peter around 6pm and then I headed home to run my Kushiel's Fate tabletop roleplaying game. During the walk to the car Peter pointed out that Jacqueline Carey was walking in our group towards downtown. I got a chance to reintroduce myself, as I had already met her twice at her recent San Diego Borders and Mysterious Galaxy Book signings. I had a wonderful conversation with her and her editor about original writing and the editing process. I also get a chance to tell her how much I throughly enjoyed Namaah's Kiss, her latest novel. After about 3 block we went our separate ways and it was time to go home. But it was a great end to a great day.

Stay tuned for highlights from Friday! One more room in the House of Dreams.

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