Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 3: A Positive Habiat Addition

So I want to change my eating habits, be healthier and more practical. I am looking tocook and prepare food more. Ever since my vaction to Puerto Rico I have once again fallen in love with home cooked meals. So I'm going to make an effort to make them happen for me. Overall it will be cheaper and if I can buy the right ingreditents, far healthier. There is an awesome Mediterraean grocery store down the street that I discovered. I am buying spices and grocieries from there, and also instead of eating at Jack in the Box when I need a quick lunch or dinner, I go there to purchase burke, meat pies, and kabob plates for the same prices. It nice eating delicious middle eastern food instead of cheap burgers. Its been working out so far, I just need to stick with it. With food that delicious, I have a strong motivation to do so! Guess all those "health first" foodies are right. SO long as what you are eating is appetizing, it doesn't have to be a hurtful struggle to change what you eat.

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