Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 5 Love Letter

Dear Peter, Its been a crazy year. I belive tomorrow you and I may have known each other a year. I remeber it was Puppy night at the Eagle where we first meet face to face and got to hang out after a couple of months chatting over Facebook. I want to say that this has simply been one of the greatest expirence's and friendships I have ever had. I know it is painfully aparent that I am in Love with you, and many times you have made it clear that while you do care for me as a friend, you do not feel the same in return. I know it has made things painful and difficult for our friendship. However I wouldn't trade this year's worth of adventures for anything in the world. I look forward to another year of laughter, meditation, rambling conversations, and while not the same for both of us, Love.

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