Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day Four: Bad Habiat

Smoking. So have done a damn good job with the cutting down on drinking thing. However my lungs need all the help they can get and my smoking isn't helping at all. The plan? Quit smoking! How am I going to do it? Well I'm going to avoid smoke breaks during games. I will take the time people go out smoking to jot down notes and run small scene for those at the gaming table who do not smoke. I will also make an effort not to smoke while I am drinking, it will be difficult but its the next step in cutting out my social smoking. How will I hold myself accountable if I break this? Well I am not sure. Bab habitis are hard to break and self punishing can be very damaging to one's self worth. I guess I will simply think of the cost of medical bill and how much money my mother paid for having me to see the doctor. Also I need strong lungs to be physically actyive, and if I cannot be physically active I won't be able to stay healthy. Health is the best track to becoming my best self, I just need to remind myself of that.

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